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Book Cover Sample Hoshi' tld 2017 2018

(Front and back cover sample subject to change)

JDNM PUBLISHING is proud to preset the coming year 2018 a story of  strength, weakness, will, courage, admiration, determination and inspiration.  Author TyLeishia L. Douglass brings her story with her first hand experience with Hashimoto’s Disease.  A common thyroidal disease that many are challenged in a different way in their daily lives.

Author TyLeishia L. Douglass refuses to give up or give in.  Her passion for living her best life is written in her own words.  She has dedicated herself to gaining knowledge, understanding, and raising awareness of this disease.   She gives us an inside look through the years on how she faces her life long challenge.

This book is to inspire, inform and empower those with and those without this disease.  Its more than a self help book, or just another story.   Its not intended to create fear, bit in hopes of  giving readers some insight as to what your next conversation can or should  be about on your next visit to your doctor’s office.   TyLeishia believes that early detection is always an avenue for a healthier you.


(In this photo mo makeup applied)

Author’s Quote

“When the negative cloud attempts to bring the storm, I just open up my umbrella, and let it pass allowing the rain to transform, and trickle drops of positivism, hope, faith, love, and endurance.”~ TyLeishia L. Douglass All rights reserved copyrighted © 2017-2018

Chapter 7
“The magic is in the madness”


“With all this, there is no room for madness just miracles!”





JDNM PUBLISHING ~ All Rights Reserved © and Proprietary . No part of this book, photos, written or any of its contents  may be reproduced in any form, or format without written permission from Publisher. Send all requests via email to  (cover and content is subject to change, JDNM Publishing)

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  1. Be sure to look for the release date!


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