What is a Volunteer Ombudsman? Why I am becoming a Volunteer Ombudsman.

What is a Volunteer Ombudsman?
The Volunteer Long-Term Care Ombudsman will assist the Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman in carrying out the duties described in the Older Americans Act.
While all volunteer Long-Term Care Ombudsmen will be friendly, their relationship with residents is through advocacy. The relationship is deliberately planned, objective, purposeful, and controlled. Act as a Local Long-Term Care Ombudsman. Receive a paycheck or accept gifts from families, residents, or facility staff.
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(photo courtesy of J. W.)
When asked this question on my 2nd interview for LTCO, I had to share how I found my niche and passion for advocating for those who are feeling trapped, or are unable to speak up for themselves.
Te photo you see here are of the Queen of Queens, my grandmother and my mother. They are truly the reason that I have had this deep down inside passion to fight. I am blessed to still have my mother alive today and receive all of her love and teachings of love. But, where did she get it from to teach her children? I will be more than happy to tell you.
My grandmother was truly “The Grandeur of a Duchess” and then some.  She saw so much through the years starting from a  child into “Grand-Hood.”  She was from and error of cotton picking, farming and a woman of style, integrity and offered poise  for solace to anyone that encountered her presence.  She was always chosen for leading as Mistress of Ceremony in her church and was “Queen of Sheeba” in the “Eastern Star.”
My grandmother was dedicated to anything she committed herself to doing.  I used to listen to her country accent and her way of speaking in parables.  It is priceless what she taught her children and grandchildren.  I will never forget the time she fell ill.  Her boss had to call my mother to tell her to stay home  when she knew she wasn’t feeling her best.  But soon after, she was in a comma in the hospital.  While in the comma, both her arms were broken because the attendants dropped her.
After learning about this, my promise to my grandmother was to let nothing like this go, or happen to someone else without being held accountable.  I may not be able to save the world, but I can work hard to make sure that this don’t happen to my mother, family and those who have loved ones.
My mother is still here with me and I am so blessed to have her.  She has those amazing teachings her mother passed on to her and she taught us more of the things my grandmother wasn’t able to teach to us.  My mother passes it on to her grandchildren.  I vow to keep my promise and be the voice for my grandmother and families where I am allowed to service.  My passion for philanthropy is one that I have no desire to lose.
I guess you can say, I have a place that helps to empower the elderly and be sure heir rights are not being violated and I am looking forward to my certification for Volunteer Ombudsman so that I can advocate and enrich, service and be the most resourceful outreach ambassador for what the elderly/client wants.
This journey is and has been challenging yet, rewarding for clients and families which makes it all worth it.  I am proud to become a Volunteer Ombudsman soon to receive my certification to go out and have the power to advocate and empower the clients I will be assigned.  There is a need for advocates.  Believe it or not,  almost 98% have no idea what an Ombudsman is.  Look at this photo and you see just a few of the Ombudsman who are the most amazing advocates to protect the elderly fro abuse and empower them to advocate for themselves and be sure their rights are are not violated.  There are even more things that Ombudsman have the power to do for their clients.  We are the enforcers for the elderly and will stand long-term until a problem is resolved.  W are Ombudsman.
Get involved in your state and community and help empower by being a LTCO!  See where we will be in the next city/town.  Follow my blog, comment and share!
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