You see this lady right here in this photo? This was her just before she took a bold look in changing her hair and she fell off the wagon after going through a major surgery. Remember the 2 months she took off of FB back in June 2016 – August 2016? She was down for nearly 3 months and gained 208 pounds. Once she was able to get back to health, she returned to her passions. This lady is ready to take down obesity with a fight and so, she begins again.

I could have died on that operating table in June. What was supposed to take 3 to 4 days turned into a nightmare. I had spent 1 night at home and then things took a turn for the worst so I spent nearly 2 weeks in the hospital recovery. It’s a long story so I will just park it there and indeed I am thankful I am here today.

I will only mention this one time and show you better than I can tell you. Give me 11 – 12 months as I have started my diet today. The next time you hear about my diet, I will show you results. I am ready to get back on the wagon. I fell off twice, but here I go!! It’s never too late to get started.

I started off today with breakfast, vitamin C & D and Iron, a toasted bagel, cream cheese and water, a banana for snack and my dinner is a roasted chicken salad I made with red onions, chicken and dried cranberries with some Apple Vinaigrette Dressing. I will drink 8-10 glasses of water daily,

#IAmMIM Mission In Motion. Power, strength and tenacity to all who are challenging your health to it’s best! When God allowed me to fully recover from my medical ordeal, He wanted me to be healthy in every area of my life and I am taking full advantage of being blessed to start a new. You know the saying, Good-bye Felcia LOL!

Pray with me with God this is possible I was reluctant to talk about this but I hope someone will be encouraged and know that you can do it! Whatever your challenge, it can start right now 😉 XO you FB Peeps!

Until then,
Blessings to all in good health and wholeness!

Folllow me on twitter @1ladylobug


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