Impacting, Change, Movement, #IAmMim “Mission In Motion” Author TyLeishia L. Douglass

TyLeishia L. Douglass is a native of Baltimore Maryland and a voice of hope for this generation. Douglass is an author, online radio talk host, promoter, public speaker and self- published author. She’s on a mission to encourage and empower others. Her imprint is embedded in the hearts of her short story readers. One of her personal favorite motto’s is, “Helping to make a positive difference one page at a time.”
TyLeishia earned publishing credits from “Student Life Magazine”, was featured on LA
Talk Live “Perspective’s Corner” with Rhona “Rho” Bennett and credits from the soul diva songstress, who is a life coach and member of the iconic group EnVogue (The Real Funky Diva’s). TyLeishia’s poetry and comments are also featured on
The Baltimore Times featured Douglass online as “Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the Week” in 2013 which speaks of her writings and blogs as self-help tools shared worldwide. TyLeishia is poised to offer solace and confidence to motivate others in their personal struggles through the poignant story of the main character of her first novel, “Jewels Declaring New Miracles” released back in May 2013.
Today new books are underway and are available on, Kobo, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble’s. Her latest new book release June 2016 entitled, La’Nique Couture, “Her Creative Birthmark” has been successful and still reaching an audience across the community.
Douglass has had 5 signings and still on the move balancing her #ItsBlogAboutYou group on FB, Hosting her JOTU & GEMS Blog Radio Show, Keeping up to date with celebrities and Indie Artists on her Blogs & Plods on WordPress and going up for Ombudsman to help The Dept. Of Aging in Advocacy which is her true passion.
If you asked her how she finds the time to do it all, she will tell you, “Life has taught me how to manage and accept the fact that time is factual when it’s well spent on placing yourself in a position to reach your goals per second of the day. That’s time in my opinion well spent.”
TyLeishia believes in her community group “Jewels of the Universe & Glowing Enriched Motivational Supporters aka “JOTU & GEMS” which is learning how to serve before being served, learn to be a good student and be taught before becoming a good stewardess and teacher and give back paying it forward because someone believed in you when you may not have believed in yourself. One of the many quotes of TyLeishia’s is “The goodness is not ours to keep but to be of great service to those you will serve.”
To see TyLeishia’s online e-books and paperbacks visit AMAZON
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Get the author’s newest release La’Nique Couture “Her Creative Birthmark” in paperback and e-book today!
La'Nique Couture revised book cover
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