Life is but not a dream it’s real

Life happens daily and will entail something that will take place to either bring the best or the worst out of one’s soul.

They say life is but a dream but, that’s a perception I come to know is not true.  There’s not a thing wrong with dreaming, but then how will you fulfill that dream if your simply just dreaming?

I dreamed for many years but it was time to wake up. I got pretty comfortable dreaming and days, weeks, nights, months and years just rolled on by me.

There wad however a purpose for my time of slumbering so I’m grateful for the dreaming, life now isn’t a dream it’s very real and whatever we choose to make it, that’s our reality.

Wow once you get pass the dream, you couldn’t go back if you tried because dreams either come to a holt or to an end. So, if you must dream take a moment but don’t stay to long other wise life is but a dream.



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