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Welcome to the 4th edition of TyLeishia’s Hot Blog Celebrity Icons & Greats “Here & Now” This is, “A place where Icons and greats rock this space” a spot that’s hot with yesterdays and today’s pronominal artists.  Here you will know what they are up to now and you just may even get the scoop on the spot like “Did you know?” I will be sharing, “TyLeishia’s Hot Blog & Commentary” and hope you will enjoy catching up with the greatest artists that have paved the way for today’s artists and music for musicians, singers and more!

The intimate and still beautiful duchess, Patti Austin!


(Bio courtesy of wikipedia free encyclopedia I do not own any of the videos or photos. No copyright infringement intended. The video is courtesy of YouTube user)


Patti Austin’s been a bonafide entertainer since she stepped onto the stage of the Apollo Theater in Harlem at the age of four at the urging of music legend Dinah Washington.

During the 70s Patti was the undisputed “queen” of the New York session scene, her voice was heard behind everyone from Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, and James Brown to Bette Midler and Diana Ross. She signed with her godfather Quincy Jones’ Qwest label and achieved mainstream success on an international level thanks to the GRAMMY®-nominated hit “Baby Come To Me,” and Oscar-nominated “How Do You Keep the Music Playing?” The GRAMMY®-nominated For Ella album opened up new doors for Patti as a performer and her embrace by the jazz world was sealed with her Grammy winning classic Avant Gershwin.

– See more at: http://pattiaustin.com/about/#sthash.EUCEiakG.dpuf

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TyLeishia’s Hot Blog & Commentary for Patti Austin
Patti is indeed a living legend and rightfully so.  This amazing babe has touched our hearts for decades and even still she is truly a special icon and philanthropist giving back as only she can, Patti style!  She’s still spitting that one of a kind signature sound even at the graceful age of 65 across the globe.
I can remember her hit songs that carried me through my teens and 20’s.  In 1984 she inspired me with “It’s All Behind Us Now” which pushed me forward and not looking back because it was easy to see and it would never be the same.  Then she gave me the groove that made my body move in 1994 with “The Ability to Swing.”  How did she move you and can you remember with each of her hits what you were doing or experiencing at that time?
I can truly say that she puts the J in Jazz, Patti is The Great American R&B, pop and jazz singer of all time.”
Patti thank you for all of years of service in singing and loving us one state at a time.  Patti will be showing up in the city of Elmhurst, IL @ Hammerschmidt Memorial Chapel June 18th so visit their website for more information on how you can attend this event.
Her soon to be released Duke Ellington big band tribute is sure to garner serious Grammy consideration.  – See more at: http://pattiaustin.com/about/#sthash.EUCEiakG.dpuf
Patti may be slowing down a little but she is plenty busy with this project.

Be sure to visit Patti’s website


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