Frank Westcott ~Author, Poet, Writer, Lyricist and Musician

FRANK WESTCOTT is an author, poet, short story writer, lyricist and musician. He is a singer, composer and performer. He is a former teacher with Canadian Specialist in Special Education certification. With eight books to his credit, numerous songs, short stories, poems, articles and columns published, Frank does not try to keep up with himself. 2011 saw Frank win a Gloria Vanderbilt/Exile Short Story Award for The Poet. 2014 brought his long 2,000 word poem And She Lay Herself Down to light, as a finalist for Canada’s Gwendolyn MacEwan Poetry Prize. Frank’s books are no longer available. They are long out of print. The books were: SO YOU WANT TO BE A WRITER – how to; HER LIGHT WAS LIKE UNTO A STONE – poetry; BASIC LESSONS IN ENGLISH GRAMMAR – education; BEING – original aphorisms; CAPTAIN DREAMER – poetry; SMALL THINGS – original aphorisms; THE OLD MAN AND THE HIDDEN FOREST – children’s chap book; THE BEAVER NATURE’S MASTER BUILDER – nature. Much more at his site:

Frank’s greatest professional joys are writing songs & performing them. In another incarnation and for twenty-two years, Frank was a rock, country, pop, folk, jazz and R & B drummer.  Frank lives one hour’s drive north of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

franks work

Congratulations to Frank Westcott on his thousands of likes with his poetic movie like theme music for kids “1 More Time Kids Bubble Gum song”  Frank was happy he posted this picture above and this caption below.

“WOW! smile emoticon 20.6K OVER 20,000 plays in one day via my Soundcloud thingy ! Sheesh… “1 more time kids BUBBLE GUM SONG” rocks I guess !”

You can listen to Franks music and red more about the man behind the heart of his poetry, music and lyrics just by going to visit his website and listen to his tunes as well on sound cloud or wherever music is on social media.

JOTU & GEMS is prpud to shout out loud one of our Soul Light Supporters Mr. Frank Westcott! Let’s hear it for this amazing author, musician, poet and lyricist that shares his talents across the globe!  Hip Hip Hooray! Three cheers!


Frank Westcott Music Link


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