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About #ItsBlogAboutYou

Our focus is to bring together creative talented soul light supporters and share their crafts and skills of opportunities to grow, support and uplift one another through sharing their ultimate purpose. To make a powerful impact on people with positive substance towards their purpose and goals. Bringing together an outstanding quality of wisdom and service to all who are hungry for knowledge, inspiration, motivation and empowerment.

If you are on your grind this is your time to shine! Share, like and comment on posts of your choice but however you participate, show your love! We are here to see what great news you got coming up so that we can contribute anyway possible.

Feel free to post your events, good news, new books, new music, poetry, Entrepreneurs, Actors, Photography, Bands, (posts first have to be approved by administration) Please be kind and allow everyone to post their new and exciting news. It’s okay to post more than one post just try and be sure it’s new news so that we can support one another. Fair enough right?

Welcome I hope you enjoy being here.
Group Creator: TyLeishia Douglass

To learn more about the site creator Author TyLeishia L. Douglass connect on social media!

FB – Author TyLeishia L. Douglass

twitter: @1ladylovebug

YouTube: TyLeishia Douglass

To learn how you can become a member of this amazing community of supporters, email tyleishia@gmail.com


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