Crystal Nicole Pullen is (Mjsraven)

MJSRAVEN: Female Michael Jackson Impersonator and Visual Artist.

 Ive been in the industry for 25 years plus. Performed  East Coast to West Coast; Off Broadway, NYC to Las Vegas Casinos.

Ive also created two Independent Tribute Music Videos and collaborations with various independent artists; Performed Three Times at Great Adventure, NJ;Performed at  The BIBO Awards in Las Vegas which was Filmed by CNN ;Interviewed on various Online Radio Blog Interviews.

 **  Curently  working on  Third Tribute Music video and am preparing for a Major Event in Reno  Nevada for an Awards show performing alongside Legendary R&B artists**


Msjraven Website


Join host of JOTU & GEMS on #BlogTalkRadio TyLeishia L.Douglass

Thursday January 7th 2016 @3pmEst. for an exclusive interview in the world of Mjsraven! Click the link below and enjoy the show. Be sure to share and follow the show for more amazing soul light supporters of JOTU & GEMS!

JOTU GEMS #BlogTalkRadio


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