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Author TyLeishia L. Douglass


TyLeishia L. Douglass is a native of Baltimore Maryland and a voice of hope for this generation. Douglass is an author, philanthropist, radio talk show host, promoter, producer, public speaker, entrepreneur and published author. TyLeishia is on a mission encourage and empower others. Her imprint is embedded in the hearts of her short story readers. One of her personal favorite motto is, “Helping to make a difference one page and show at a time.”

TyLeishia earned publishing credits in “Student Life Magazine, (CCBC). Rhona Bennett, also known as Miss R&B, an American singer, actress, life coach and model, best known for her recurring role as Nicole on The Jamie Foxx Show and group member of EnVogue has shared TyLeishia’s poetry on her website and featured Douglass as her guest on “Personal Perspective’s Corner” with Rhona “Rho” Bennett on La Talk Live Radio.

TyLeishia was also named Indie Soul Entrepreneur of the week and featured in The Baltimore Times. Douglass utilizes and share her writings and blogs on social media worldwide as self-help tools. She is poised to offer solace and confidence to motivate others in their personal struggles through poignant story of the main character of her novel, “Jewels Declaring New Miracles.”

Additional short stories by TyLeishia are available on amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and Barnes’ & Noble. Her next level in life is to continue her education in academics to earn her AA Degree on Humanities and Social Science.

TyLeishia’s show, “JOTU & GEMS” can be heard on Click to go to Blog Talk Radio JOTU GEMS
Website: TyLeishia’s Website Click Here

FB: TyLeishia Douglass

Twitter: Twitter @1ladylovebug

Google: Google Plus

LnKedIn: TyLeishia Doyglass


  1. Affirmations (by TyLeishia L. Douglass)
  2. They Said She Was Golden
  3. The Skinny
  4. Spa Me Out
  5. My Words Are Going On A Diet
  6. My Scars Are My Tattoos
  7. Novel ~ “Jewels Declaring New Miracles” By TyLeishia Douglass (Sold Out)


Author TP Miller

author tp miller pic

T.P. Miller has been writing since she could remember and as a long time reader, she decided that she would start picking up her pen as just a hobby and soon decided that she wanted more. She sat down and penned her first novel, “Out for Blood: The Chosen One Has Come”. She is currently Co-CEO of Kemet Books and is working on more paranormal drama. She lives in a hole somewhere in Birmingham with her husband and two kids.

Contact her:
Twitter: @vampyrequeen14
Email: OR
Facebook Fan Page:

Author Tamara McCarthy
If you’re a single mom then this book is for you! Life as a single mom can be a challenge and also a blessing. How and why do you ask? Dive into this book and both your questions will be answered. This is a journey that will change your outlook as a single mom and prayerfully have you making a change for the better. Many of us don’t have the support system that we desire; some of us just want to hear the words: I’m here for you. When you have dug deep and followed all the outlined processes in this book; you will be transformed and your mind will be renewed. I’m here for you Sis and I want the best for your life and the life of your children. Become the single woman of purpose.
frank westcott
Frank Wescott
First, I am very happy to have this happen.1st. Place co-winner in the  Gloria Vanderbilt/Exile Short Fiction Award, 2011 for my story The Poet..
* If the hat fits, I’ll wear it ! Luv Holdin’ Up the Stars ‘n Moon!”
Have you ever wondered about online dating? Journey down the rabbit hole of online dating in this pocket size book of vignettes filled with hilarious stories of meet-ups, musings and more. From Mr. Doesn’t Have A Job to Mr. Takes His Shoes Off During A Date to Mr. Let’s Go For Coffee But Too Cheap To Actually Buy Coffee. This book will have you laughing out loud!
Click on this link! Meryl Hershey Beck
Admired for her authenticity, Meryl Hershey Beck, a licensed professional clinical counselor, is appreciated and respected for her perseverance in doing the hardcore work and her clarity in finding no-kidding solutions to end the misery of addictions. She spent the first half of her life as a closet eater, gaining weight and feeling overwrought. Once she became active in 12 Step support groups, the bingeing – fueled by anxiety, low self-esteem, and the desire to escape – started to wane. Intent on uncovering the root cause of her overeating, Meryl began to incorporate other modalities in her quest for self-understanding. As a counselor, teacher, and author, Meryl joyfully shares these many tools and techniques that skyrocket personal growth and alleviate emotional eating. An authority in this field, she has presented at workshops and conferences internationally.
Author Janis Mavis
j gold1
Author, Poet, Creative Writer, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host, & Sherry Gordy Presents Cyber Party Team Host Vegas. at Creative Writer
Studied Technical Support Specialist and A+ Preparation. at Prince George’s Community College
A Collection Of Inspirational Poetry To Touch The Heart & Open The Soul. Love Yourself, Express Yourself, & Motivate Yourself. This Book Will Inspire A Person’s Mind & Will Enhance Their Soul, When Going Through Difficult Times. Embrace Yourself, Meditate As You Are Walking In The Pouring Rain. Inspirational Poems That Will Present A Great Gift. Explore My Word!
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  1. Thank you so much. You have a kind heart and generous spirit. You constantly shine each and every day. Much Love & Hugs To You My Dear. Happy Holidays! Author Janis Mavis, Feelings Inside Of Me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TyLeishia says:

      My pleasure! Thanks so much for your support and for your kind words Happy Holidays!


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