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Listen to my new episode The Spectacular and Electrifying Jay Gore at  #BlogTalkRadio Click on the link and enjoy the show! Hear Jay play live on the show and learn how heavy weight musicians, singers,songwriters and composers made a positive impact in Jay’s life! He’s worked with the best and I can certainly see how he’s earned the right to be among the greats because greatness knows greatness and Jay Gore has a style that is unmistakable and leaves you wanting more!

Jay Gore on JOTU & GEMS

“Someone responded to my calling Jay “Electrifying” and I am sure you all will agree when you know what “Electrifying” actually mean. Jay impress greatly and he is a thrill to watch when he performs.” ~ TyLeishia L. Douglass

Gore first picked up the guitar at the age of eight. Today he is one of less than a handful of the best session guitarists in Los Angeles. He is also the singular guitar sound of the foundation of most of the latter Smooth Jazz era.
Nine years and counting have seen Jay as the guitarist for Mindi Abair. While maintaining that musical relationship, the ever busy Gore has shared the front of the stage and album releases as guitar artist with performers as diverse as Hilary Duff, Lauryn Hill, Keiko Matsui, Michael McDonald, Bobby Caldwell, David Pack, Keb’ Mo, Marcus Miller, Rick Braun, Kirk Whalum, Jake Shimabukuro, Seal, Boz Scaggs, Edgar Winter. The list goes far beyond these few.
He is arguably the guitarist of Smooth Jazz. Gore’s close association with Peter White lead to the hit guitar duet BFF, which he still regularly plays with White when they take the stage various places around the world. This single and Gore’s cover of Fallin’ In Love still populate the top charts.
Smooth Jazz heavyweight Warren Hill features Gore on his entire album Under The Influence. Gore’s first solo CD, Identity, was released to upbeat, exciting reviews in 2012. He now tours the music of this release, with many of his well known friends joining him on stage.
Some aficionados of Smooth Jazz would proffer the name of Paul Brown as an influential and important guitarist in the Smooth Jazz world. When Paul Brown is busy producing, his first call is to Jay Gore to play his wonderful guitar stylings…

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