“Moonlit Soul Light Nights” Get your mood up on Mondays day or night!

Welcome to the 3rd edition of “Moonlit Soul Light Nights”  “Every job is a self – portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence” ~ unknown

Mondays just got positively beautiful and you know why? because your worth the praise and the raise on your job for all your awesome efforts. Your appreciated here so lets celebrate Monday Moon Lit Soul Light Nights!

In this edition were getting your “Moonday Mood” Up by viewing Joey who quits the Renaissance Hotel after working 3 years under unimproved working conditions.  Joey has a party with a band he bought in when handing in his notice to his boss.  I guess the beat goes on for Joey at a new place of employment somewhere where there are better working conditions LOL!

To find out Joey’s campaigning subscribe on YouTube to Joey DeFrancesco

No I am not suggesting getting a marching band or some major way to quit your job to draw attention on going viral on Youtube but I shared this story in hopes that if your boss is not appreciating you, just watch this video and enjoy the laughs because you march to the beat of your own tune like tuning your boss or anyone who doesn’t appreciate your hard work and efforts.

Enjoy your Moon Lit Monday! follow me on twitter @1ladylovebug and be sure to share and follow my blogs!

TyLeishia Douglass

“A Place and Page designed for the hard workers in mind” ~ TyLeishia L. Douglass all rights reserved 2015 Copyright.


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