Joyce Spencer “Cupcake Queen of the Day” ~ The sweetest Heart Ever!

"Cupcake Queen/King of the Day"
“Cupcake Queen/King of the Day”

Joyce Spencer said it best which landed her as the sweet hearted “Cupcake Queen of the Day”

The question was asked “What was the sweetest thing you have ever done?”

Joyce Quoted: When you take the lessor so the other person can have better & they don’t know it.”

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Welcome to Cupcake Queen / King of the Day!  Here we will share some of the best bakers and also if you have done something so sweet, she or he will be noted in my “Cupcake Queen / King of the Day” I hope you enjoy each post that is choc full of recipe’s and good will.

I am TyLeishia L. Douglass and I hope you enjoy making the most delicious, creative and innovative sweet treats ever.  To be nominated for “Cupcake King /King of the Day” Look for the questions and answer them to be considered for King or Queen of the cupcakes.

Question of the day: What the sweetest deal you have ever sowed to someone?

This blog does not declare professional dieting, neither does it suggest professional health care provisions. I do not own any of the recipes or photos. The usage of this blog and its contents have been collected from public informative resources online.

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