Joyce Spencer advocate & supporter for Breggett Rideau’s, “Not On Lil T’s Watch”

Protests at the States Capitol 2013

This protest was spearheaded by Breggett Rideau, the Mother of Terrence Rideau, who was victimized physically and sexually by his teacher. Bregget & friends, among other parents of special needs children,are fighting to get a bill passed that will require cameras in the classrooms– a very important and necessary safe guard for special needs children.


A Grass Roots Project dedicated to bring awareness to and funding for the PROTECTION & SAFETY of Special Needs Kids in Schools with CAMERAS!!!



Founder Breggett Rideau’s Bill Passed:

Award Winning Saxophonist, Flutist, Singer, Songwriter, Composer ~ Traditional to Contemporary Jazz, RnB, Fusion/Funk Gospel/Christian Joyce Spencer is an advocate and huge supporter of “Not On Lil T’s Watch.” Below is a 5 minute video she put together to help raise funds for the plight… It tells Lil T’s story & heartache his Mother experienced.

Breggett Rideau’s plight to find out what was causing her son’s physical and emotional injuries has led her to fight for the safety of all children by demanding cameras in the classrooms for special needs children.

there’s always room for support visit Joyce Spencer’s website

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