“Moonlit Soul Light Nights” Get your mood up on Mondays day or night!

Blue Moonlit Soul Light NIght

Welcome to the first blog of “Moonlit Soul Light Nights”

Mondays just got positively beautiful and you know why? because your worth the praise and the raise on your job for all your awesome efforts. Your appreciated here so lets celebrate Monday Moon Lit Soul Light Nights! cheers to you!

Does your boss take the time to see that you are truly a great asset to their business?  Here’s something to lift your Mooday Monday … this boss on “Undercover Boss” was moved to tears after hearing her employees ups and downs and how he plans to pay it forward.  He had no idea she is the owner of that business.  What can we take away from watching this video?  I can tell you what I felt and thought.

No matter where you come from or what you have dome that wasn’t so wise, once you learn from your mistakes you make a positive impact so that someone else will not make the wrong choices and, no matter what is lost in life, you get a plan and work it and keep going.

I hope this 1st blog of Moonlit Soul Light Nights” have lifted those of you who work daily and are having real life issues in your life that may look grim at this time.  Share your thoughts on this blog after all this is the space I created for hard working employees who I like to say “Your worthy of the raises and praises” on a job well done for all of your commitment and service.

Until then,

Stay true to the passion that burn within you!

TyLeishia aka “Love Bug”

Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/1LadyLoveBug and FB FaceBook visit my website http://www.jdnbooks.com Pass this blog around if you were inspired!  Thank you for visiting and for your comments and commentaries!


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