TyLeishia’s Purpose starts with servitude and gratitude which shows in her attitude for Supportive Soul Ights around the world.

My purpose is to enlighten, encourage, restore, hope, joy and motivate positivism.  We each have visions, dreams and aspirations but we serve the same purpose as gems in the universe.  What is that? Through learning how to serve before being served.  Learning how to be taught before teaching and knowing how to pay it forward because someone believed in you when you may not have believed in yourself.
Greetings soul Lights, my name is TyLeishia Douglass aka “Love Bug”  and I am an inspired writer, Author, Supporter, Promoter, Philanthropist and Public Speaker.  Thank you for helping me  make a difference and positive impact one page, one post at a time.
My first book release will be announced soon.  Titled, “Jewels Declaring New Miracle” © Copyrighted, TyLeishia Douglass 2012 All rights reserved.  I also have 6 short inpirational stories some inspired by real life events.  Visit Amazon My Authors Page
In the meantime, please feel free to read my blogs I would love to hear from you. Leave your comment, push like and follow the blogs.  Welcome to my page :0)
My first 3 Pub Credits:
Earned my first 3 Publishing Credits from a Community College and one from a Celebrity Life Coach.  A special thanks to you all!
XO you for supporting!

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