Introducing Lawanda L. Young Platinum Champion Supporter of “JOTU & GEMS”


Have you encountered this smile from Lawanda L. young?  What about her support for an organization? Or perhaps you have experienced her contagious smile.  I can say that I have crossed her via promoting and she is a beautiful light and a talented upcoming actress but that’s not all.  Before I get into Lawanda and my conversation, she recently supported Shemar Moore at BikeMS 2015 and received accolades from the hunk actor.

Hey there Shemar aka Blessed Man,
I just wanted to say it was a pleasure seeing you again and volunteering at your BabyGirl booth at this year’s BikeMS 2015 and acting as a greeter. I must say I was very impressed to meet people who flew from all over the world to support you and the cause. I even met some wonderful ladies from Germany at your booth. This is why I call you “blessed” man because you are blessed beyond all measures and don’t ever forget that. I know you’ve must have heard it a dozen times, but I would like to add to that number and tell you how proud I am of you for completing 102 miles on your bike on a day which was extremely hot. You are an extraordinaire human being. I believe that one day you’ll be riding your bike not to raise money but as a celebration because a cure has been found. Take care and if GOD is willing I’ll be back next year.
Shemar Moore:

BABY GIRL OF THE DAY!!!! ‪#‎BGOTD‬ Show your LOVE to this SILLY N SEXY Baby Girl LAWANDA YOUNG!! 😀👍!! THANK YOU for your LOVE n SUPPORT Baby Girl, and for VOLUNTEERING at the Baby Girl booth to HELP us RAISE MONEY at this years BIKE MS ride! LET’s continue the FIGHT for the CURE for MS (MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS) so that one DAY we can ALL CELEBRATE with a VICTORY LAP !!!!!! KISSES N THANGS!!!!

Now let’s learn a little bit more about this lovely soul light supporter and “Platinum Champion” for “Jewels of the Universe & Glowing Enriched Motivational Supporters. To learn about the founder and JOTU & GEMS visit About Author TyLeishia Douglass Founder of JOTU GEMS

Q & A: TyLeishia & Lawanda’s chat-up

Q: So Lawanda it is indeed a pleasure to see caring hearts pay it forward for an amazing cause.  so tell me a little about yourself.

A: Thank you so much.  Well,  I’m an actress from St. Louis.  I am presently pursuing my acting career here in Los Angeles. I have a Bachelors of Theater from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. I’m a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated.

Q: Wow Lawanda! you have a very awesome background.  So can we see you show the public a taste of your acting ability?

A: Yes I am on Youtube and would love show even more of my acting abilities.  I have a GoFundMe Page that I am advertising.

Q: Let’s talk about your fund support page, what is it’s purpose?

A: I’m eligible to join Screen Actors Guild (SAG), but it is very pricey to join.  I’m ready to take my career to the next level, but need to secure the fees for the initiation price.

Q: As a Entrepreneur, author, radio talk show host and promoter I can respect and fully understand what it takes to position and secure what is needed and necessary to e to the next level towards your career.

A: If you could share that for me I would be more than elated and once again GOD bless you double fold for being so kind.please and thank you. 

Q:  This is what we do Lawanda here at JOTU & GEMS / JDNM PUB “We do it better because we do it together.”  So, where can we contact you to give our support?

A: I am on social media and also be sure and check me out on YouTube.

(CLICK on links to view)

Lawanda Youtube Page

Lawanda Acting

Lawand and Shemar Moore on Arsenio Hall Show

Facebook: Lawanda L. Young
Twitter: @lawandalyoung
Instagram: @lawandalyoung

So there you have it ladies and gentleman let’s support this amazing soul light and pay it forward to her by visiting her go fund me page.  When she hits the big screen on the scene, this is made possible by you!  Supporting is what we do.  Also be sure to click on the link in this post to support Shemar Moore and shop at his store, let’s do this!  By the way, Shemar Moore and Lawanda L. Young are “Platinum Champion Supporters” of JOTU & GEMS.

Special thanks to Lawanda and Shemar Moore for this fantastic opportunity to share what matters most through biking for the cure of MS.  Blessing and more to you and your families.  Be sure to follow me on twitter @1ladylovebug, email me to learn how you can be a “Platinum Champion” sponsor/supporter of JOTU & GEMS

(data, videos and photos are courtesy of FB, twitter and its users.  I do not own any of the photos, videos or graphics. No copyright infringement intended. Permission granted for promotional use and public viewing.)

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