“Serious Inquiries Only” by TyLeishia Douglass

“Serious just got a new name and they call her, TyLeishia Douglass” ~ by TyLeishia Doulgass

I have come to learn that content you promote will deliver with much more effect since it’s coming directly from you. That’s a good thing however, remember to connect with serious inquiries after you have built your foundation and established your brand. Why do I say, “Serious Inquiries only?” Well, I think after building for more than three to 5 years or more you owe it to yourself and your business to continue to progress with quality and keep those that have helped to build that foundation with you on board.

Let me share my own personal story with you. I have written books, poetry, blogs, promoted and did blog talk radio for a bit and thought I know many don’t like name dropping but let’s just say serious supporters like Rhona Bennett, B. alexander, L. Bark, Tarsha Campbell and a others have been a true blessing and we all had the vision of giving, supporting and lifting one another up.

I had decided it was time for my business to go a step above so that others could like my business benefit us all. I did a pole and also advertised the new changes that would take place and sure enough, you could hear a cricket because it was no more freebies. Now, that did not disturb me it just gave me an idea to try a different approach and in my doing so, I decided that I would connect with like minds and those who will lift or continue to lift up our visions together.

It is for this very reason that when it comes to business it’s serious inquires only. I didn’t know how true that saying was when they said, time is money and money is time. Well, this is it lol! Oh but don’t get it twisted, I welcome my new social media friends so that I may share good news of so many opportunities with you as well and that comes through sharing my blogs and plogs. Have a great evening everyone!


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