Introducing “Moonlit Soul Light Nights” by TyLeishia Douglass #MoonLitSouLightNights #MoondayMondays

Blue Moonlit Soul Light NIghtHey everyone if your anything like me Mondays can be “Moondays” or “Moodays” it’s the day before Tuesday, the first day of getting back to business and the day after your much needed weekend.

Some say it’s Monday Blues or Manic Monday.  Whatever you call it youcan kick Mooday Blues n the kizzer!  So, I decided to help you have a place to do just that.  I will be posting some really good things music to lift your spirits and soothe the savage ravage in your soul, videos of laughter and more, events and things that’s that you can relate to on “Moonday Monday”.  You can  comment on how “Moonlit Soul Light Nights made your Monday.

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There is more to come so stay updated and I hope your Moonday Mondays become a delight in “Moonlit Soul Light Nights” w/TyLesihia Douglass
“Enjoy the night let it serve as the comforter for the cold  evenings and the best in our rest. Rejuvenation is better served chilled” ~ TyLeishia Douglass Copyrighted Material 2015.

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