Advertise w/ JDNM Publishing for as little as a dinner for two!

Do you have a business, factory, group, event, music, books, poetry or are you an indie artist with news that you would like to shout out loud?  Do you want to be promoted on social media sites and get more support by being a soul light supporter on my radio blog talk show?  find out how you can get the ball rolling by emailing or visit my website and you can listen in to some of my past soul light supporters on my blog talk show

You can become a sponsor of TyLeishia’s Platinum Champions for JOTU & GEMS. (Jewels of the Universe and Glowing Enriched Motivational Supporters)  Check out a couple of my blast banners.  Tell a friend and get noted as a sponsor and supporter on the Platinum Champion for JOTU & GEMS.  Thank you in advance for your amazing support.

Jewels TLD

TyLeishia D


Blue Moonlit Soul Light NIght


Payment MUST be received prior to you being booked with a definite time/date.
Acceptable payment option via major credit or debit card via PayPal
There will be NO refunds after 72 hours of NO notification of you needing to reschedule

Blast Package:
1 hour show / Social Media Promotions (limited)

Digital Press Media ~ Inquire
Blast banners
Ultimate Supporter Package:
Blast Package (see above)
Facebook Blast
Twitter Blast

Digital Press Media
Blog Post Highlighting You/+Google Blast

Options you can choose separately
Facebook Blast
Twitter Blast
Blog Post Highlight/+Google
Sponsors page on website
Radio Blog Mentions

Digital Press Media

You agree that any material via video, music, text, photos or links that is made for public viewing and any that the author provides is approved for promotional, viewing and educational purposes only. JDNM PUBLISHING and it’s entity’s and any staff is not responsible for online or electronic transfers.   Fees may vary depending approval of promoter.

Signature Clause:
Please be advised that your electronic signature and payment will be accepted as your confirmation and agreement to all of the terms and conditions of JDNM PUBLISHING and Jotu & Gems (Jewels of the Universe & Glowing Enriched Motivational Supporters)™ show.


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